About Me

Being a Supermom -- it is interesting coz it is challenging !
Hi Friends, Welcome to my blog !
I started this blog to share with you all the wonderful food culture of southern India. The cuisine is so aromatic, flavourful and colourful that you can hardly resist yourself. Also it is very nutritious and at the same time gives whole lot of medicinal values.
I graduated from college with a degree in Food Science and Nutrition and learnt my first cooking lessons from my MOM who is indeed a great cook. First I started to cook only what I liked to eat. However, after marriage I am cooking what K and my son T likes to eat. It is a big challenge to cook for  2-year-old toddlers (esp T is a very picky eater). K loves to eat different types of food - from spicy biryanis to bread baskets. He, infact, inspires me to experiment with my cooking  and really enjoys whatever I cook for him. I will be sharing only the recipes that turned out good. LOL :)
My other interests are Art & Crafts, Photography, Home Gardening, Reading, Playing with T. I would like to share in my blog the art works, DIYs and My Experience with Life which you would all enjoy reading and doing it too.
Hi Newbies, nothing can be mastered overnight ! Practice makes a man perfect ! ( Did I say Woman are born perfect ?!! )
Love to Share